Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Invasion of Beetle Bugs

For home invasions of beetle bugs one inexpensive method to get rid of them is to purchase fly paper and bait the sticky center with pet hair. Once they are stuck to the paper the bugs can be easily thrown out. Certain types of house beetles are attracted by mold and mildew. Once removing the food source from the home by such means as a bleach solution the pests will go away on their own in search for food elsewhere.

Although there is no super method or one sure way to get rid of beetle bugs, these methods have been tried and found true to remove the pests from home and/or garden. Some require more work than others but all will provide peace of mind that homes and gardens do not have to live with beetle bug problems.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Beetle Bugs

One can take measures to get rid of these pests without having to hire an exterminator by visiting a local garden center or even Wal-Mart. There are special insecticides that will kill beetles, and also beetle traps. The traps are specially designed boxes with pheromones inside that lure the bugs in, then once inside they cannot come out. If using a trap it is wise to check it regularly since too many decaying beetles will quickly cause quite a stench. Some people have even used strands of garlic hung around the garden to ward off any beetle presence.

If one is eco-minded or not too keen on the idea of killing the beetles hand collecting and removing or relocating the insects has been proven an effective method to reduce their numbers. It is slow and time consuming but works and leaves the conscience clear.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Different Beetle Bugs

There are many different kinds of beetle bugs that are a nuisance to home and garden. They wreck havoc on lawns and plants that take hard work to cultivate and grow. Beetles can range from the size of a pin head to and inch or longer. Also they range from black to multi-colored in appearance.

Not all beetle bugs are thought to be harmful however. Some of these insects eat bugs, mites and parasites that are a detriment to plants. An example of a helpful beetle is the lady bug. Soldier beetles are also thought to be a 'good' bug to have around. An exterminator can help one decide if the type of beetle in their garden is helpful or harmful before spraying special poisons to eradicate the bugs.